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SOLIDEX is one of Poland's leading integrators. We have been developing our activities regularly since 1990. The company's dynamic and continued development was initiated with its participation in the construction of first Polish professional internet nodes and is now continued through the implementation of largest IT structures. From the outset we have been building our advantage based on our professional staff and, as a result, we now have the most numerous and best trained specialists in Poland dedicated to develop network solutions.

We keep looking for people who will have an opportunity to be involved in the most interesting and challenging IT projects of great scale and complexity. We are looking for people who, becoming members of our team of SOLID Experts, will want to and can change the reality by providing top-quality integration services. If you believe that you meet our requirements, send your letter of application to our address:

Human Ressoures
ul. Sosnowiecka 75
31-345 Kraków

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