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Partners' Awards

Last year SOLIDEX was rewarded by Check Point for: Best Implementation at existing Client and a statuette form the biggest Partner in Poland: Partner One. Our Company was also appreciated by F5 Networks – SOLIDEX gained a first place rank in category: Best F5 Partner in 2014. Intel Security honoured SOLIDEX a statuette for “2015 Year Potential”.
In 2014 Fortinet distinguished SOLIDEX with Forti Leader 2014 awards in two categories: the biggest sales growth in 2013 and the most complex and innovative project in 2013. This year brought a Quality Distinction Award for 2013 which again confirmed high quality of Authorized Cisco Trainings which we were the first company to lead in Poland since 1998. The last but not least was the 1st place as The Best Partner of F5 Networks in 2013.  
In 2013 SOLIDEX was also honoured by few awards. Again we gained the title of: Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence from Cisco. During the annual conference for EMEA, Websense – leader in protecting companies from cyberattacks and securing critical data - made the performance review for the last year and marked SOLIDEX out by title of: The Fastest Growing Partner in the EMEA region.
In 2012 SOLIDEX started cooperation with Sourcefire – company specialized in delivering innovative solutions in the area of risk management and information security. Once again SOLIDEX leading position in sales of Check Point solutions has been confirmed by receiving the Check Point & Clico Achievement Award for the Best Polish Partner of 2011.

The proper selection of partners guarantees to our clients access to state-of-the-art technologies and continued manufacturer's support. SOLIDEX ensures the best possible relationships with its strategic partners for the cooperation to be satisfactory for each of the parties concerned. Our efforts have been recognized by our partners who have awarded our company with numerous distinctions.


In 2011 SOLIDEX was awarded with the title of the Check Point Reseller of the Year on  the Eastern Europe Market for the year 2010. The award was granted for highest sales results, technical skills and successful Check Point products implementation.

For the first half of 2010 SOLIDEX received the title of Cisco Customer Satisfation Excellence again. The title is awarded to the companies offering Cisco solutions that can boast a high level of customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction Excellence assessment is based upon the customer satisfaction results captured in questionnaires that contain a number of detailed questions about the offer, promotional activities and the level of services.

For many years SOLIDEX has maintained the title of Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence, which confirms the high quality of its services ranging from sales, through implementation and maintenance of Cisco products.

The companies achieving this honor are identifiable by the "Gold Star" distinction in the Cisco Partner Locator tool.

In June 2009, during the Cisco Partner Summit held in Boston, SOLIDEX once again was awarded in the Technology Excellence Security category.

In 2009 SOLIDEX received an award for the best Polish partner ‘Check Point & Clico Achievement Award 2008’.

SOLIDEX was awarded by Clico - specialized software and network equipment distributor - for the highest sales of Check Point products.

In 2009, due to DNS 10th anniversary, SOLIDEX was awarded with ‘Reliable Partner’ statuette.

In November 2008 SOLIDEX received the prestigious "F5 Special Achievement Reward 2008" during the annual EMEA partners conference, which took place in Barcelona this time. This honour is an evidence of high qualification in range of sale, deployment and maintenance of F5 Networks products.

In November 2008 SOLIDEX received the status, which attests its membership in the exclusive Alliance ServiceOne, gathering companies, recognized as the experts in range of implementation and integration of systems.

In April 2008 during the Cisco Partner Summit, which was held in Honolulu in Hawaii, SOLIDEX SA was awarded a price of appreciation in category of Technology Excellence Security. The price favors Solidex among all Cisco partners from the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).


In June 2007 Solidex achieved the title of The Leader in Sales of SUN X64 servers.  Sun Microsystems honored SOLIDEX with the distinction statuette for commitment and results in selling SUNX64 servers found upon AMD Opteron processors.

In June 2007 SOLIDEX was awarded by DNS company a diploma of appreciation for excellent sales' results in 2006.

In April 2007 during the annual Cisco Partner Summit in Las Vegas SOLIDEX was honored with the title of Cisco Gold Partner (2006 Gold) of Cisco Systems for the second time in history. The title is an evidence of  appreciation for the highest qualifications and rich experience of the Company in range of implementation manufacturer's technologies on the Polish market. That title proves special contributions in partnership cooperation.

As well in 2007 as a result of long-term cooperation with Check Point company we were awarded the title of The Best Partner of the year 2006. That title SOLIDEX has been awarded since 2003 year by year, what confirms the highest competence in engineering, implementation and maintaining security solution found upon Check Point products.





On the other hand, in 2006 SOLIDEX was honored by Check Point company with the title The Most Successful Partner of The Year 2005.

In 2005 Check Point company favored SOLIDEX  for the highest level of sales of its solutions in the 2004 on the Polish market. The  value of Check Point solutions company sold by SOLIDEX was greater than the sum of sales of two following Polish integrators from the ranking.

In October 2002, SOLIDEX was awarded by Sun Microsystems Poland a diploma of appreciation as the Company's best partner in the category of "Education" in the 2002 business year, and in 2003 in the category of "Industry, Trade, Services and Power Engineering" for the 2003 business year. These distinctions attest again to long and fruitful co-operation between the two firms.

In 2001, SOLIDEX was awarded the title of Cisco Gold Partner of the Fiscal Year 2000 for the best Gold Partner in Poland.

Also in 2001 we were awarded the title of Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Fiscal Year 2000 for the best partner in implementing large-scale solutions.

During the international conference of Check Point Experience 2001, the Check Point company honored SOLIDEX with the title of Most Valuable New Partner 2000, Central & Eastern Europe. That title is awarded to those among new partners who in a given year generated the highest sales and performed the highest number of implementations of Check Point products in the region.

In February 2000, at the world's meeting of Cisco Systems Partners, SOLIDEX was Poland's first company to be awarded the exceptionally valuable title of: Gold Partner of The Year EMEA Central. It is a distinction earned for many years of cooperation, continued staff training, and for being the first in the region to obtain the two new specializations of: Advanced Security Specialist, and Voice Access Specialist. The title is particularly valuable as it distinguishes SOLIDEX among all "Gold Partners" of Cisco Systems in the region comprising the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In 1998, Cisco Systems awarded SOLIDEX for the third time with the title of 1998 Enterprise Partner of the Year, Poland to emphasize the company's achievements in system integration. Undertaking to implement increasingly complex solutions, the company is successfully adapting technological attainments of the world's leading manufacturers to the needs of the Polish market.

SOLIDEX was also honored by Cisco Systems with the distinction, awarded for the first time in 1998, of 1998 Outstanding Client Satisfaction, Poland. It is particularly valuable as it proves the effectiveness of the implementation of the principle of "SOLID reliability in every action" which was the foundation for the effort to extend the scope of services, their quality and continued improvement of the quality of client care.

In 1996 and 1997, SOLIDEX was honored by Cisco Systems with the title of Partner of the Year, Poland.
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