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The first company in the SOLIDEX Group was the commercial law company established in 1990, SOLIDEX Ltd., with its registered office in Kraków. The program of SOLIDEX Ltd. provided for the development of technologically highly advanced and heterogeneous IT systems to a large scale. Soon afterwards, in addition to the company's headquarters in Kraków, its branches were opened - the first in Warsaw, in the LIM Marriott Center and then in Gdańsk and Poznań.

Pursuing its policy of extending its specialisation which at the same was time was increasingly deepened, SOLIDEX established:

  • in 1994, SOLIDEX NetCom - specializing in the development and integration of LAN networks,
  • in 1995, SOLIDEX Systems - offering solutions to the financial sector, and specializing among others in ATM devices and information terminals.

Even though SOLIDEX focuses on Poland in its activities, new needs made it expand abroad as well. In Belarus a joint venture under the name of SOLIDEX PI j.v. was set up with its registered office in Minsk.

At the beginning of 1997, the joint stock company of SOLIDEX S.A. was established which took over the market functions of SOLIDEX Ltd., acting as the Network System Integrator on the end-user market. SOLIDEX Ltd. concentrated on the function of strategic background for the new and already existing companies of the SOLIDEX Group. The shares of SOLIDEX S.A. were taken inter alia by the most experienced managers and specialists of SOLIDEX.

The administrative and organisational matters of the Group are handled by SOLIDEX sp. z o.o.

The Group now comprises the following entities:

SOLIDEX Sp. z o.o.

The SOLIDEX Group uses Polish capital and is owned by its founders.

* - AUTHOR Atelier Loegler i Partnerzy Sp. z o.o. Romuald Loegler PHOTO by Daniel Rumiancew

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Philosophy of SOLIDEX

"SOLID reliability in every action" describes in brief the philosophy behind SOLIDEX's operations.


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