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Philosophy of quality

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The foundation for SOLIDEX's success has been the uncompromising quality of its products and services. This quality has been based, from the beginning of the company's operation on the philosophy of "SOLID reliability in every action". This is not a slogan only - our competencies are supported with certificates awarded to both our company and our specialists - the SOLID EXperts.

One of the basic conditions for ensuring a high quality of services is effective and transparent organization of the quality management system. That is why in order to satisfy our clients' needs better and more comprehensively and to improve its organizational efficiency, SOLIDEX has developed and implemented and then certified its quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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The philosophy of quality which is the system foundation has been developed by the company's
Management into the following Quality Policy.

"The SOLID quality of our products and services, guaranteeing that the client's needs are satisfied, is the foundation for the pursuance of the objectives set by the company's shareholders, its existence and further dynamic development and the professional and financial success of our employees".

Quality objectives:

  1. Recognition of the needs,         expectations and preferences of interested parties in order to continuously and optimally adapt the offer to the requirements of interested parties.
  2. Implementation of customers’ expectations and satisfaction of their needs in terms of quality of offered services and goods while maintaining a fair buyer profit.
  3. Systematic monitoring and elimination of all factors that have a negative impact on the quality of offered goods and services through regular internal trainings and audits of company’s organization and operation and through cooperation with suppliers aimed at adjusting the technical and financial requirements of the offered goods and services to the market needs.
  4. Systematic monitoring and strengthening of positive factors that may increase the efficiency of the Quality Management System and ensure better implementation of the requirements of interested parties.
  5. Meeting legal requirements resulting from the specificity of the business, with particular emphasis on environmental protection law and health and safety at work.
  6. Continuous improvement of employees „qualifications, to better recognize the market and customers” needs, and to obtain and execute contracts beneficial for SOLIDEX both from the technical and financial side.
  7. Continuous improvement and development of the Quality Management System compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the WSK Criteria.
  8. Active participation of employees at all levels in the implementation of quality policy and quality objectives.



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Philosophy of quality

The philosophy of quality which is the system foundation has been developed by the company's Management into the following Quality Policy.


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