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First, SOLID reliability

"SOLID reliability in every action" describes in brief the philosophy behind SOLIDEX's operations. Throughout all the years of its presence on the market, we have consistently aimed at quality improvement. As a result, in November 2002, SOLIDEX was successfully audited for certification confirming the compliance of our Quality Management System with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. It did not put an end to our activities in that regard - we continue to further develop our system to meet the highest expectations of our clients.

Second, strong partners and competencies

Among our business partners, there are only manufacturers of state-of-the-art and, at the same time well-proven solutions. Such a selection guarantees efficient and reliable manufacturer's technical support throughout the period of system operation. The SOLID quality of our services and high competencies of our staff are supported with numerous certificates awarded to both our company and its employees.

Third, stable financial position

For the past 5 years SOLIDEX has been among the most dynamically developing companies in the ICT sector in Poland. The annual increase in the company's sales of several dozen percent, enabled it to reach - at the beginning of the 21st century - leading positions in sectoral rankings. The good financial standing of SOLIDEX illustrates the trust our clients have put in us to date. Owing to the profits it has generated, SOLIDEX has been developing for many years now using its own funds only, without the need to use long-term debt financing.

Fourth, qualified staff

The basis for SOLIDEX's success in the dynamically changing ICT sector is its continued investment in human resources. That is why since the outset of our activities we have been developing our market position based on top-quality IT and telecommunications specialists - our SOLID EXperts. Our engineers are proud to have attended hundreds of training courses completed with the award of professional certificates.

Fifth, security of investment

In view of the complexity of the design and development of advanced ICT systems, of key importance is the selection of a reliable partner who can be entrusted with successful project implementation. During the fourteen years of its presence on the market, SOLIDEX has demonstrated that it satisfies the requirements for such a partner. Moreover, SOLIDEX has been continuously developing its program of uncompromising quality which formed the foundation for the company's success.

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  • First, SOLID reliability
  • Second, strong partners and competencies
  • Third, stable financial position
  • Fourth, qualified staff
  • Fifth, security of investment

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